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I have embarked an ongoing journey of healing and self-discovery through psychotherapy since I struggled with depression in high school. Being a woman and a therapist with an ethnic minority background have deepened my understanding of isolation and marginalisation. I value, embrace and learn from my work with people from diverse and different backgrounds.


I am committed to working with difference and diversity within an ethos of anti-discriminatory practice, based on awareness of my own ethnicity and background and oppression. I have an LGBTQ+/GSRD affirmative approach to therapy and I have special interests in racial traumas and gender-based violence.


  • Postgraduate programme in Intersectional Feminist Psychotherapy (Ongoing)

  • Master in Counselling (Goldsmiths, University of London)

  • BA of Applied Psychology (Hons)

I am a qualified counsellor. I am a registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
The BACP is the largest professional body representing counselling and psychotherapy in the United Kingdom. They set the standards, values, and ethical guidelines by which therapists work to.


I have over 2 years’ experience of working therapeutically in varying roles, which have included:

  • Volunteer therapist working with unpaid carers in the Carers Network

  • Providing 1-1 therapy both online and face-to-face for adults in the Awareness Centre

  • Providing group and 1-1 therapy for children and adolescents

I have worked with various concerns, including:

Low self-worth, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, social anxiety, issues relating to childhood experiences, traumas, gender-based violence, abuse, self-harm, cultural and racial issues, neurodiversity, eating disorders, loss and bereavement, and more open philosophical questions around identity, faith and meaning.


  • Online & Phone Counselling 

  • Trauma Informed Therapy 

  • Suicide and self-harm

  • LGBTQ+/Gender Sexuality & Relationship Diversities (GSRD) (Various and ongoing)

  • Sexual abuse

  • Multicultural counselling (Various and ongoing)

  • Neurodiversity 

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